About Us

The end of 2016 marked the beginning of Haskill. An idea centered on the need for better fitting, better-looking baselayers and freestyle culture.  

Holding onto a fading but not forgotten era in skiing, Haskill intends to play a small role preserving the style and attitude the pioneers of the sport intended. 

As our heroes and mentors did with perspective and innovation we aim to follow in their footsteps.  Trial, error, and repetition till we get it right.

Working with our favorite skiers/riders couldn't be more stoked for an opportunity to make some bad ass baselayers that keep you comfortable while going fast in cold weather. The goal is to blend tomorows fabric with todays style and do it all with grandpas attitude.  Pops always said if you don't like something, better get to changing it. That and never trust a man in white boots.  




Questions, Comments, Pics, Inquiries hit us up!  We love it all.